I know that this post has nothing at all to do with software or anything but I’m sure you will forgive me once you’ve learned the reason for it. My sister-in-law, Josie Zollo, passed away almost a month ago and I wanted to leave her a lasting memorial. After searching online I just couldn’t find a site that I was happy with.

The majority of free sites were sorely lacking and what really put me off them was the amount of tasteless ads that were displayed along with the memorial. I suppose you can’t blame the site owner because he has to cover the running costs of the site somehow.

As for the paid sites, they were OK but the bulk of them were self automated which resulted in most of the memorials being kind of generic looking. I wanted something more and because I couldn’t find one online that I thought would do Josie justice I decided to start one myself.

After a lot of planning and searching for the right domain I settled on A Loving Memorial because I felt it portrayed exactly how I felt about the tribute I wanted to leave. I also decided to utilise a blogging platform so that I could leave it up to the individual as to whether or not they wanted to have people interacting on the memorial to their loved one. Having it on allowed friends, relatives and acquaintances to add their condolences or even a tribute to the deceased. Those who were more private could have it turned off.

I know how there are lot of people out there who are not technically minded and so would not feel comfortable with the automated memorial sites and so I thought adding a personal touch would be more appealing to them. I added a contact page to the site so that anyone interested in bringing their online memorial to life could contact me and together we could produce one that would do the deceased justice.

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