I’ve been making YouTube videos for quite some time now. Some of them are doing quite well,even though none of them have gone viral yet. Still, they’re turning over about $30 per month which is better than nothing.

My latest video is a Halloween poem that you can see below.

Top Animation Software For The Budding Artist

top animation softwareWhile I’m pretty happy with the way the video has turned out I reckon some cool animations would have made it so much better. My problem is that I reckon I’m just too old to take up and animation course. That’s when I thought maybe there is some cool animation out there that would make the whole animating poems thing so much easier.

 I found the Manga Studio 5 on Amazon and it had the best reviews than any of the other Top Animation Software that I managed to find online. Normally $49.99, at the writing of this post, it’s now available at the low price of $39.20!

The problem was that after looking into it more closely, it’s not really an animation software. Don’t you hate it when you do a search and it comes with something that you thought was cool but after closer scrutiny it just wasn’t what you were looking for.

Sort of makes you wonder how smart these search engines really are doesn’t it? I mean how can you confuse Anime/Manga drawings with animation?

Anyway, after some more research I did manage to find something that seems to fit my requirements.

It took a bit more research but I finally came across Poser Pro 2014. While it sounds like it would do the job, and has a lot going for it, it’s just $499.99 is a little out of my price range.

Here’s just a little of what Poser Pro 2014 can do. I’ve copied this straight from the Amazon Page.

Product Description

Quickly and Easily Design with 3D Figures. Poser Pro 2014 is ideal for the professional artist and 3D production teams. Included plug-ins transport pre-rigged, fully textured and animated 3D characters into 3Ds Max, Maya, LightWave 3D and CINEMA 4D projects. Get started right away with 5GB of included 3D figures and content, including 7 new cartoon figures, and 2 new photo-realistic human figures.

From the Manufacturer

Quickly and Easily Create Cool Art and Animation with 3D Figures

Poser Pro 2014 is ideal for the professional artist and 3D production teams. Included plug-ins transport pre-rigged, fully textured and animated 3D characters into 3Ds Max, Maya, LightWave 3D and CINEMA 4D projects. Get started right away with 5GB of included 3D figures and content, including 7 cartoon figures, and 2 photo-realistic human figures.

Poser Pro 2014 is the full featured choice for creating Poser content and adding 3D characters to Max, Maya, Lightwave and C4D projects. Poser Pro 2014 includes full rigging and figure set-up tools, COLLADA import and export, 32/64 bit and multi-core system support, and Network Rendering. As a standalone character animation system, or as a component in your production pipeline, Poser Pro 2014 is the best way for content creation professionals to add 3D characters.

Pixar Subdivision Surfaces

We’ve integrated Pixar’s OpenSubdiv library to provide Pixar Subdivision Surfaces, with user definable subdivision levels per prop, figure or even individual body part. Subdivision improves bending fidelity, smooths polygonal surfaces and improves performance by enabling lighter poly-count content. Poser includes a Unimesh skinning method to support subdivision on figures with compliant geometry.

Fitting Room

Interactively fit clothing and props to any Poser figure and create conforming clothing using five intelligent modes that automatically loosen, tighten, smooth and preserve soft and rigid features. Paint maps on the mesh to control the exact areas that you want to modify. Use pre-fit tools to direct the mesh around the goal figure’s shapes. With a single button, generate a new conforming item using the goal figure’s rig, complete with full morph transfer.

Copy Morphs from Figure to Figure

When creating new content for Poser figures, morph transfer enables conforming clothing developers to easier support a wide array of figures and include both full body and partial body morphs that can be driven by the base figure.

Over 5GB of Poser Content

Poser includes a complete collection of well organized, easy to find content supplied by talented third party content artists as well content created by the Smith Micro team of 3D artists. Fully articulated human skeletons that match the male and female figures body topology are included along with artist manikins, animals, dinosaurs and a dragon, robots, vehicles, toy and cartoon characters; over 70 ready to pose figures total.

Queue Manager / Network Render Queue

Save time and cut production costs by using additional computers to render complex scenes and lengthy animations. The standalone Queue Manager allows you to set-up and manage a Network Render Queue, distribute rendering jobs across that network, and manage those rendering jobs to suit your schedule. With the Queue Manager, distributed renderings can be paused and resumed, or fully rendered on slave machines so you can keep working in Poser Pro on your master machine.

64-Bit FireFly Render Engine

Poser Pro lets you take advantage of high performance 64-Bit Macintosh and Windows Operating Systems and hardware with the 64-Bit FireFly Render Engine. The 64-Bit render engine efficiently uses all available system memory to render even the most complex scene files in the shortest possible time. Distribute 64-Bit rendering jobs via the Queue Manager for even greater time savings at render time.

PoserFusion Hosting Plug-ins

PoserFusion lets you use Poser Pro as a character animation solution for zBrush, 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D and LightWave. The included PoserFusion plug-ins allow you to open and host Poser scene files and 3D content within these powerful 3D production applications. Integrate static or animated Poser scenes to add pre-built and rigged 3D Poser characters into your projects.

Most of the ratings/reviews for the Poser Pro 2014 was positive. I’m never shocked when I read a negative review because it’s been my experience that you just can’t please everyone. I’ve always found that as long as the positive reviews far outweigh the negative ones things usually work out the way you want it to.

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