When visiting blogsites or viewing those instruction videos on YouTube, have you ever wondered how they managed to put them together? At first I thought that they focused a camcorder or something on the monitor and recorded the whole thing, but I soon discarded that notion.

It then became apparent that they used some type of software and so I checked my Top Software Online store to see if I had anything there that would do the job. Low and behold what did I find but a program called Total Screen Recorder Gold! I downloaded it and used it to recorded a demo vido on how easy it is to change the appearance of your blog using the FlexSqueeze theme. As you can see from the quality of video I posted on WassupBlog it worked extremely well, so much so that I’ve gone and purchased it. I think it will make an extremely important addition to my small group of blogging tools. The following points helped me in the decision to buy the product.

  1. Cost, was definitely a factor as the premium gold edition was only $29.95.
  2. I was able to use the screen capture software to record full screen or any portion of the desktop screen and record it in either AVI, WMV, SWF or FLV formats
  3. The capacity to record audio. I mean it would be useless if you couldn’t tell people what you were doing.
  4. It didn’t hog all my memory slowing my computer down, something that some other programs managed to do.
  5. Ease of use, after all I hate stuff that takes eons to come to grips with their different funtions

And lastly but most importantly, it did the job.

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